The Move Back

As I said last week, due to my circumstances I had to move my horses back to my old yard (on Valentines Day no less- nothing romantic about moving horses unfortunately!). We had everything organised the day before so it was literally just the horses to move last Thursday and it went reasonably smoothly. Millie... Continue Reading →


Sometimes You Need To Try

I thought I would write a little life update as it has been a while and lots has changed, or is about to change. We moved to our present yard in September last year as the opportunity came up for us (my two friends, my mum and I) to have our own barn on a... Continue Reading →

All About Consequences

If you read my last post 'A Simple Approach' you would have read that this week I am going to talk about consequences. So here we go! When someone says 'consequence', I don't know about you but I automatically think it is a negative concept. I never used to like the term when it came... Continue Reading →

A Simple Approach

The equestrian world is complicated. I have been part of the equestrian world for as long as I can remember. From my experience of different livery yards and set ups with horses, it is clear to me it is also a very opinionated world. Everyone has a 'secret' way that works or you have the... Continue Reading →

Read between the lines part 1

Do you ever wish you could understand your horse a little better? Well there is a small way you can get a better understanding.. by reading your horses face. Originally I learned this from the Canadian television series- Heartland. If you're a horsey person needing a good show to watch this is one of my... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year 🥳

Firstly, Happy New Year to you all! I love New Year, I love the feeling of a new, clean slate and the closing of a chapter. This particular year I must say I am glad to see the back of. It was probably (without being dramatically negative) the single most worst year of my entire... Continue Reading →


A dream of mine for a long time has been to take on a young horse and back/ start it myself. Until now I hadn't found the right horse for that, but now I have Millie. When I pictured what I might have gotten it was most certainly going to be a gelding and it... Continue Reading →

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