Snow Ponies

It's the end of my first week back at university and it has been made a little trickier than usual because the ground is covered in snow. The funny thing about living in Scotland is that you get 4 seasons in a day but we are not used to snow. So when we do get... Continue Reading →


A Sunday Horse

Do you ever feel like your motivation is just gone? Recently I have felt like that with the horses, my motivation to ride has been over-ridden by how long it takes to do all the yard chores, by having one of my horses being lame and having abscesses and by the other having rain scald.... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Have Dreams, I Have Plans

Wow, we are into 2018 already, I can hardly believe it! I also can hardly believe that I haven't posted in almost two months! It has been a tough couple of months with balancing university work, exams, a breakup and dealing with the horses- but that's life isn't it? Spike had an abscess in his... Continue Reading →

Memories- Esme

I was thinking today about the horses I have had in the past and more recently I have heard back about how one of them is doing. We bought Esme as a youngster, I think she was around 2 years old. She was originally for my mum after I had backed and started her however... Continue Reading →

Update on Spike

I have owned Spike for almost five months now and he has been doing really well. His condition has improved immensely and he actually has a little round belly now which is great! He's covered up all his bones and is overall looking a lot healthier! You can see him sporting quite the belly here!... Continue Reading →

Back on Track

Its been at least two weeks since I have last been active on my blog... maybe even longer, I have missed blogging so much but I have had very little time with university deadlines piling up and having to squeeze a lot into the day; I had to make the executive decision to take a... Continue Reading →

Spike loves company

I have been desperately struggling to deal with the fact that there are only 24hrs in the day- this does not bode well with the amount I need to squeeze in. Wednesday was my day off university so after getting everything done that I wanted to do with my work, I decided to reward myself... Continue Reading →

Turnout boots anyone?

Mud mud mud- the cause of much drama at my yard of late, and probably with many scottish horsey people right now. We have not had a great summer weather wise and the fields have definitely suffered- and so have our poor beasties. The field gates are horrendously bad with the mud right now. I've... Continue Reading →

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