Remembering your non-horsey partner

My boyfriend and I just spent the weekend together (we are currently long distance) and as usual, there is never a single meet with me where the horses don't come up at some point. My boyfriend is not horsey at all and he does very well to be patient with me and my horse chatter-... Continue Reading →


How I Structure My Schooling Sessions

The other day, I rode Bo for the first time in a while and as I was walking him around I thought it might be fun to write a post about how I structure my schooling sessions. So here I go. I like to have a structure to what I'm doing because otherwise I end... Continue Reading →

Home Equine Therapy

Over the last few years, mental health has taken the limelight and it wasn't until recently where I have questioned my own that I really understood what it means. For me, sometimes life gets a bit much. This year has been awful for me so far and its amazing just how low you can sink,... Continue Reading →

Pastures New

The big move finally came about on Sunday 2nd September and I apologise for not blogging about it closer to the time but you really forget how big a job it is and how ongoing it is too. I am only just completely settled at the new yard! My day started at 8AM when I... Continue Reading →

International Velvet

I have entered the mad world of work this year as I take on a year long placement working as a student teacher in a primary school. If anyone knows anyone who is a teacher they will tell you it is a stressful job with lots of paperwork and an overall never-ending workload. I feel... Continue Reading →

Change can be a good thing

Life moves forward, opportunities arise and changes are always in operation. I haven’t had the easiest of years but I have had two incredible opportunities come my way and the best thing about them is I was not looking for either of them. I was happy with the way things were going and I am... Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Liberty Work

I love riding and my horse loves going out too, he enjoys being in work but sometimes I feel like its time to take a step back and work on maintaining our relationship. A way I like to do that is to do liberty work with Bo. I feel that every horse can benefit from... Continue Reading →

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