Update on Spike- Sold

Again, it has been a good couple of months since I have blogged, mainly due to the amount I have had to deal with in my personal life. I have finished my second year at university now though and I am pretty much free for the summer aside from working so I hope to be... Continue Reading →


Returning to Blogging after a hard couple of months

I have been very inactive over the last couple of months and blogging has completely gone to the sidelines. Aside from lots of personal problems overtaking my every day life, my thoroughbred Spike had a nasty accident and is now on box rest to recover.   We had some really bad snow and Spike somehow... Continue Reading →

Spike Update- 7 Months!

It has been a while since I have updated on Spike so here goes! He is doing much better now. His weight is so much better than when I first bought him last July (7 months now!). He still needs muscle but we have been out of work all winter so far because of a... Continue Reading →

Establish that Bond

My welsh section D- Bo- is a little mystery and it has taken me ages to figure out all his buttons. I got so used to his ways that it was strange to have to change them, like when Spike arrived. Spike is a completely different horse to Bo. He is less laid back and... Continue Reading →

Living in the moment

I can't speak for everyone, but for me, most of my problems lie in dwelling on the past- what could I have changed, how could I have done it differently, or on the future- what's going to happen, how can I control it, what can I do. While these questions are important for both reflection... Continue Reading →

Snow Ponies

It's the end of my first week back at university and it has been made a little trickier than usual because the ground is covered in snow. The funny thing about living in Scotland is that you get 4 seasons in a day but we are not used to snow. So when we do get... Continue Reading →

A Sunday Horse

Do you ever feel like your motivation is just gone? Recently I have felt like that with the horses, my motivation to ride has been over-ridden by how long it takes to do all the yard chores, by having one of my horses being lame and having abscesses and by the other having rain scald.... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Have Dreams, I Have Plans

Wow, we are into 2018 already, I can hardly believe it! I also can hardly believe that I haven't posted in almost two months! It has been a tough couple of months with balancing university work, exams, a breakup and dealing with the horses- but that's life isn't it? Spike had an abscess in his... Continue Reading →

Memories- Esme

I was thinking today about the horses I have had in the past and more recently I have heard back about how one of them is doing. We bought Esme as a youngster, I think she was around 2 years old. She was originally for my mum after I had backed and started her however... Continue Reading →

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